Building a fanbase for the future

The NFL, in its 100th season, was struggling to appeal to a younger generation of fans – a worrying proposition as the League looked to build for the future.

The rise of competing media, coupled with a perception that the League was losing touch with an ever-changing world, warranted an entirely new marketing approach. One that passed the torch to the next generation and unified the most diverse fanbase in NFL history.

Success relied on meeting Gen Z where they spend much of their time – social media. By understanding the trends, behaviors, and quirks of each platform, we were able to establish a youthful presence on social that was inclusive, celebratory, and showcased the personalities of the League’s players.

Out of their helmets and into the social feed

To forge a meaningful connection with Gen Z we couldn’t simply post game highlights and player stats. As impressive as the onfield achievements of players may be, we knew that by introducing Gen Z to the larger-than-life personalities behind them, we could start to humanize the League and showcase the lighter side of its clubs and players.

With our new “helmets off” approach, we launched the NFL on TikTok, playing to the platform’s strengths and bringing together teams, players, and fans in a true celebration of fandom.

And at Super Bowl LIV we took inclusivity to a whole new level by offering fans everywhere the opportunity to add a personal touch to the festivities and show support for the athletes they had come to know over the course of the season.

Activating at the Super Bowl

We ensured fans everywhere could have a presence at Super Bowl LIV by turning their tweets of support into the official game day confetti. As the Chiefs claimed victory, the canons went off, showering players, coaches, and the media with fan love. While the press had a field day reporting on the stunt, perhaps the strongest endorsement was found on eBay as fans swiftly took to the site to sell confetti they had plucked from the stands of Hard Rock Stadium, Miami.

Super Bowl Confetti of a tweet by Tyrann Mathieu of the Kansas City ChiefsSuper Bowl Confetti of a tweet about Patrick Mahomes
a collage of tweets from the superbowlTweet by Daniel Heady about Super Bowl LIV
Tweet by Patrick Mahomes of the Kansas City Chiefsa collage of tweets from the superbowla tweet about the super bowl
Tweet by Laura Britt about Super Bowl LIV’s tweet confettia tweet about the super bowla tweet about the super bowl
a tweet about the super bowla tweet about the super bowl

Posting the numbers

confetti pieces

8.2 million launch
video views

30,000+ uses
of #NFLTwitter
in one week

300+ press
stories across
print, online, and


Brand Bowl 54

Winner, Most Creative Campaign

Hashtag Sports Awards

Winner, Best Big Game Spot or Stunt

Hashtag Sports Awards

Winner, Most Creative Partner Without an Athlete/Influencer

The Shorty Awards

Gold Distinction, Best Influencer and Celebrity TikTok Campaign

The Shorty Awards

Finalist, Best Use of TikTok