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Our people are our most important asset and we make every effort to treat them as such. They are never viewed as a line item on a spreadsheet, or a percentage in a budget, but instead are at the fundamental core of who we are.

So when it comes to finding the right talent, we treat the process with extra care and are always looking for people with a new perspective. We mine for those who see the world a little differently, who will disrupt our thinking and who will bring something extra to add to our crew. And when you give us the best of you, we'll give you the best of us.

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open positions

We foster a culture of inclusion and welcome applicants of all races, genders, ages, identities, orientations, beliefs, abilities and experience levels. We pride ourselves on taking care of each other, and do not tolerate harassment, discrimination, or hate of any kind in our workplace. Our inclusive and nondiscriminatory policies and practices permeate throughout every stage of employment at Big Spaceship, from recruitment to engagement to career development and beyond.

Account management sits at the heart of what we do. We really like to understand what is at the core of a client's business, and help bring that through to every stage of our work process. At Big Spaceship, the account team ensures clients feel we are an extension of their team, problem-solving through the challenges, and celebrating successes alongside them. We are inherently care-takers of each other, and believe that leads to creating amazing work.