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Kind design

Since the first plane hit the runway, JetBlue has always aspired to be the most caring travel provider in the world. With that goal in mind, we set out to evolve their digital ecosystem and provide travelers with a more caring and thoughtful approach to travel.

A kind foundation for a human centric design system

Kindness is at the heart of the JetBlue brand and we have the power to shape this value through the way we behave and communicate in our digital properties. By constraining unnecessary visual information, employing empathetic visual gestures, and selecting what users need and want, we create a distinct and solid design foundation.

Building a visual language

Color, typography, iconography and illustrations quickly communicate the message, tone, and personality of the brand. This graphic lexicon helps establish a memorable identity and captures the fun, witty, caring aspects of the brand value.

Reinvigorating the graphic luster of the brand

After 20 years of award winning service, the brand needed to redefine their main visual elements in order to convey their core value and differentiation in the digital space.

A new sentence-case headline treatment using a lighter weight of DIN Pro - their flagship typeface - and the adoption of a new complementary typeface for body copy speak to the brand expertise and the love for JetBlue customers.

We established a new color palette, broad enough to support the full range of new messages, and defined enough to ensure valuable consistency across all digital experiences.

Atomic design

Our atomic design mental model helps us think about our user interfaces as both a cohesive whole and a collection of parts; at the same time, allowing us to create interface design elements in a more deliberate and hierarchical manner. The system is comprised of five parts: atoms, molecules, organisms, templates, pages.

The new

The new website experience reinforces the acts of kindness that are ownable to JetBlue, offering interactive human moments that provoke joy, calmness, and transparency.

Ready. Set. Book.

The new and fully responsive booking tool was designed to decide – by making it easy for customers to choose what’s right for them, and reduce the amount of decisions.

Performance first

To ensure maximal user performance during the entire booking process, we applied color strictly to support users’ tasks and decision-making.

Jetblue mobile layout
Jetblue mobile layout

Functional & inspirational

On content pages, the combination of graphic patterns and photography on key elements add personality to our layouts and reinforce the friendly tone of our brand.

A better data collection experience

From prioritizing scannability and effortless formatting, to employing graphics, patterns, and animations, we discovered new ways to produce faster, easier, and more engaging form experiences.

JetBlue loyalty program

As JetBlue charges into their third decade, the acclaimed loyalty program was redesigned from the ground up, providing new ways to display and interact with the platform and delivering value to customers of different levels and needs.

Jetblue desktop profile layout
Jetblue avatar icon

Welcome back!

The new, fully responsive TrueBlue loyalty program makes it easy for users to experience value and engage. A modular dashboard card system creates low effort, yet high touch ways for JetBlue to provide customization and tailored recommendations.

Jetblue mobile profile
Jetblue design components
Jetblue design components
Jetblue design components

Maryssa Miller, Head of Digital and Customer Products at JetBlue

“We are thrilled to offer this fresh new site to our customers, curating a simple and personalized travel experience from the moment they start planning their trip until they arrive home.”


“The future of travel is evolving and we’re well positioned to adapt and grow, bringing greater benefits to our customers when they visit”