The power of welcome

Our world would be a far different place if refugees were never embraced and offered refuge. From art and science, to film and business, to communities across the globe, when refugees are welcome, their contributions shape our world for the better.

We partnered with the International Rescue Committee to produce a global campaign for World Refugee Day that would inspire the public to renew their commitment to supporting – and welcoming – refugees.

Focus on the past to change the future

To read each letter, we enlisted people from all walks of life – including A-list celebrities Lena Headey, Mandy Patinkin, and Keegan-Michael Key – cut together to create a powerful tribute for all refugees and a global call for welcome.

Displaying loss at the Metropolitan Museum of Art

Within an experience highlighting the works of art created by refugees, a centerpiece painting by Marc Chagall was shrouded from view to make an unmissable display of loss. It was the first “stunt” in the museum’s nearly 200-year history. In the UK, a similar activation in the V&A and across the Tate’s 4 galleries spotlighted works by artists who fled conflict or persecution.

Inspiring action

Full-page ads on, The New York Times, and UK’s The Guardian drove readers to commit to signing up and joining in standing for a world that always welcomes and supports the rights of refugees.

Bringing our message to the world

A one-day billboard in Times Square, along with subway OOH placements, brought our message to the world in a way that couldn’t be missed on World Refugee Day.

The most successful campaign in IRC history

earned social reach

activation foot traffic

20% increase
media share of voice

62% increase
website traffic YOY

Shared by media
and celebrities alike

The campaign was promoted by Queen to their 43M fans, shared by celebrities including Madeleine Albright, Rashida Jones, Richard Branson, Lin-Manuel Miranda, and Sting, and supported by 59 IRC partners, including TripAdvisor, the MacArthur Foundation, Ben and Jerry’s, D.C. Comics, and more.


The Webby Awards

Winner, Multi-Platform Campaign

Shorty Social Good Awards

Winner, Multi-Platform Campaign

Shorty Social Good Awards

Finalist, Immigration & Refugees, Global Campaign

Shorty Social Good Awards

Gold Distinction, Nonprofit

The Drum Social Purpose Awards

Winner, Best Integrated Marketing Campaign