Whoa Nitro

Iced coffee isn’t just a seasonal trend; it’s changing the coffee industry entirely. With the nationwide rollout of Nitro Cold Brew approaching, we launched a campaign for Starbucks designed to pique the interest of their customers. Inviting them to try a cold coffee product unlike any other: sweet without sweetener. Creamy without cream. And that mesmerizing cascade? …Whoa.

One sip is enough to change the way you think about coffee. But how could we win over an online audience who is inherently skeptical about, well… everything? By tapping into the most trusted source on the internet, that’s how. Someone known for teaching people about the beauty of science all around us.

Introducing Bill Nye, The Science Guy

Who better to help us demystify Nitro and make it relevant to a national audience, than the one, the only, Bill Nye, The Science Guy. We enlisted Bill (a fellow Seattle native) to help us break down exactly what made Nitro so beautiful, delicious, and unique. From “tasting texture” and nitrogenation to mesmerizing microbubbles, Bill had you covered.

Coffee reimagined

While the explainer videos always kept the product front and center, it was our social content that really went to work repositioning Nitro Cold Brew as a mind-bending coffee experience. One capable of completely changing your perspective.

We leaned into our audience’s online consumption behaviors and created social content that visualized that perspective-altering eureka moment of the first sip.

A cup of Starbucks Nitro slightly floating in the air
A cup of Starbucks Nitro viewed through a kaleidoscope
opening quotes

.The most amazing crossover in history..

closing quotes
– A fan