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Customer Experience


Reinventing how customers purchase travel

Since 2017, we have been developing a digital ecosystem that provides travelers with a more caring and thoughtful approach to travel, reinforcing acts of kindness wherever possible.

The big bet for 2021 was to redesign the Booking Experience to bring it current with the established Digital Brand Design System, optimize user experience, address customer pain points and deliver on the brand’s promise to be the most caring travel provider.

Flight Result
Reduce friction for travelers and give them more control over flight options so they can find and book with confidence.
Seat Selection
Allow customers to review any additions to fare upgrades, view and choose all seat selections for all flights and consider upgrades if it’s within their budget.
Give clear insight and suggestions of all available payment options and increase understanding of travel insurance so travelers feel confident about their purchase
Provide customers with the flexibility to cancel or make changes at various stages of booking and support them with advice that is relevant to their Day of Travel.


Experience Vision

Our vision for the experience of booking travel is rooted in recognizing, understanding and addressing the diversity of customer goals, needs and pain points across the booking process.

The new and fully responsive booking tool was designed to make it easy for customers to choose what’s right for them, and reduce the amount of decisions, ensuring maximal user performance throughout the entire booking process.

The Work

Flight results with peace of mind

The new booking flow sought to bring peace of mind, clarity, and simplicity to purchasing travel. A simplified user experience allowed the customer to stay on track, reduce decision paralysis and a new shopping cart feature allowed them to easily pick back up where they left off.

jetBlue’s new simplified booking experience.

Many of the design decisions were Inspired by ecommerce shopping sites, the Fare Class panel makes it easy for customers to compare fares to choose the one that's right for them.

We created urgency indicators and description tags, so that it’s easier than ever to scan and select flights, giving every visitor to JetBlue the comfort of knowing they were getting the best fares available with the least amount of decision making.

jetBlue’s new interactive seat selection experience.

Seat Selection for all your needs

An immersive way to select your seats with upsells that respond as the customer scrolls through different segments.

Shopping Cart & Payment

The Shopping Cart feature makes it easy for customers to either book now or save flights for later.

jetBlue’s new mobile shopping experience.jetBlue’s new saved flight shopping cart.


We applied and built with e-commerce best practices in mind (i.e. saving previously entered information, supporting cross-channel shopping, etc.) to create a joyful experience that makes the complexities invisible and allows customers to focus on the task at hand without distractions.

jetBlue’s purchase confirmation with helpful recommendations to add to your trip.

Our Results

the better user experiences your site provides, the more value you provide to users in the travel industry

Kindness is at the heart of the JetBlue brand and we have worked to shape this value through the way we behave and communicate in our digital properties. By constraining unnecessary visual information, employing empathetic visual gestures, and selecting what users need and want, we have created a distinct and solid design foundation. The new website experience offers more interactive human moments that provoke joy, calmness, and transparency.