Moments of play

To drive renewed interest in casual mobile games, Big Spaceship partnered with Google Play to take over a laundromat in NYC’s East Village with gaming kiosks, gaming-themed decor, and free prizes for lucky laundry-goers.

The catch? This laundromat didn’t take cash… visitors had to Play to Pay. By transforming an unexpected and mundane location like a laundromat, we reminded people that any routine moment—even laundry day—can be totally transformed by simply adding a Moment of Play.

Turning everyday chores into moments of play

The activation drove positive attendee interactions with the featured games and Google Play’s brand. While social activity spiked for the event on its first day, in-person attendance grew steadily over the weekend and culminated in a Sunday full of prizes for attendees.

We outperformed client expectations and consistently drove downloads for featured games on the Google Play store.

Google Play game kiosk setup in front of makeshift display laundromat

The experience demonstrated the way games give anyone a bit of escapism, even in the most mundane of locations.

Google Play game kiosk in front of makeshift display laundromat

To connect players with each title at the laundromat, we designed kiosks inviting fans, press, and influencers to #PlaytoPay.

Woman excited after receiving prize from winning an Google Play in-game accomplishment

Visitors simply needed to complete a few in-game accomplishments to claim their reward.

People playing on the two Google Play game kiosks

We convinced attendees that Google Play can turn any moment — even chores — into a Moment of Play.


Ex Awards

Silver Winner, Best Pop-up or Retail Activation