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For 45 years The Corcoran Group has been one of the most well-known names in New York City real estate. But over the past few years, industry disruptors like StreetEasy and Compass made real-estate listing sites a commodity.

Our solution wasn’t just a new website, but a way to modernize the digital experience of Corcoran’s premium listings and their superior agent-client experience that addressed the emotional roller-coaster of buying and selling a home.

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a collage of interface designs for corcoran

Defining crafted expertise

Corcoran is such a beloved brand in the real estate world, our design system needed to reflect that history, while providing flexibility and moments of levity for a younger consumer base. Our design choices are always deliberate, helpful, and delivering important insights to our users.

Design system for Corcoran’s website redesign

Emotional insights and standing out from the crowd

To position the special sauce of the Corcoran agent as the answer to so many house-hunting woes, we started by going deep on the home buying/renting/selling experience, and identified emotional inflection points along the real estate journey and ways that Corcoran could help.

Corcoran website with the header “Make yourself at home”

Making their search for home, feel like home

From the user’s first arrival on the homepage, the user is immediately welcomed in and inspired to begin searching for their next home.

Corcoran website desktop view map feature and results

Research made more meaningful

The initial research phase of buying or selling property can feel daunting and never-ending. We wanted to make sure that users always felt a sense of progress, ease, and access to the deep well of Corcoran’s knowledge and insights.

Not just agents, but partners

Positioning the Corcoran agent as a source of insight and guidance, rather than a salesperson was a key task. While keeping a steady flow of clients to Corcoran agents was a core KPI, we needed to make sure that converting to working with an agent felt natural and helpful to our users, and that the benefits were clear.

Corcoran website mobile view agent list
Corcoran website desktop view full home listing

An ownable storefront

The listing detail page is, in some ways, more important than the homepage for Corcoran. Many users come directly to these pages from elsewhere online, and they provide an important moment for agents to uniquely market their properties. Each listing was easy and consistent to navigate , while allowing flexibility for agents to add unique insights, and always include the kind of deep neighborhood and market knowledge Corcoran can provide.

Corcoran website desktop view neighborhood search result