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We combined the speed of Twitter with the trusted reporting of Bloomberg to completely reinvent the news model.

Case Study: Tic Toc by Bloomberg

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Reinvent the way news is covered and consumed. In an age of partisan echo chambers, 24-hour cable networks and shadowy spam bots, it’s become impossible to keep up with the news in a fast, efficient, and verified manner. We partnered with Bloomberg to solve this problem and create a new approach to the news that gives viewers the facts they need, in the format they want, with speed, clarity, and accuracy.


Reinvent the news with a new model that combines the speed and interactivity of Twitter with the trusted reporting and real-time verification capabilities of Bloomberg.


Together with Twitter and Bloomberg, Big Spaceship created not just a new product, but an entirely new approach to the news—one that lives exclusively on Twitter, live 24 hours a day. Grounded in a series of short flexible segments and supported by a real-time verification system that only Bloomberg could provide, our new model brings unprecedented transparency and immediacy to a format that was in desperate need of reinvention.


TBD. Bloomberg will debut the first-ever global, social and live 24/7 breaking news network on Twitter on December 18th, 2017.

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