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For the first time ever, a second espresso

With the arrival of Blonde espresso, Starbucks introduced their first new espresso in the US market in over 40 years. As Starbucks’ younger drinkers started to graduate out of the sweet sweet world of Frappuccinos and into serious coffee drinking, many found the original signature espresso to be too bold and roasty. So they needed another choice. An espresso option that was a lighter roast, smoother, and subtly sweet. We gave them Blonde.

Blonde breaks rules

To get people’s attention for this historic event we decided to break a few rules of our own. Not just by taking a lighter and sweeter approach to espresso, we also broke away from the traditional Starbucks green and delivered a subversive campaign via dramatic uses of splashes of yellow.

Teen Vogue quote


The campaign rolled out across all channels on social, TV, online video, OOH, and on every Starbucks coffee sleeve blinding everyone with yellow – generating an impressive conversation around #blondeespresso that continued for days.

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