June 3, 2020: Do You Hear the People Sing


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K-pop stans are coming through and drowning out right-wing hashtags on Twitter & Instagram

For those who don't have money to donate, if you watch this long YouTube video with lots of ads, all the proceeds from those ads go to associations that offer bail funds, help pay for family funerals, and advocacy [ed note: turn your ad blocker off!]

Here are pre-written email templates demanding justice for George Floyd & Breonna Taylor — all you need to do is click these links, plug in your name & city and send 

This TikTok explains how to easily undo zip ties if you need to for whatever reason

This iPhone shortcut can help people quickly text a video of their encounter with police

Not everyone can show up in person to protest but here's a helpful guide for virtual protesting

A lot of people have taken to social media to talk about the racist events of these past weeks (and beyond)... here are some resources about how to continue to show up after you post:

  1. This list of people to follow and support
  2. This list of actions you can take including signing petitions, donating, and calling your representatives
  3. This list of Black-owned businesses you can buy from even while socially distancing

This video unpacks a brief history of redlining, implicit bias and how these factors contribute to systemic racism

This thread examines the escalation from grief to anger

This is a guide for supporting the grieving black community for non-black people

Change begins internally, here are some ways to challenge yourself and others 

Another great resource on how to ally


Warner Bros. has made their film Just Mercy free to stream to educate viewers about systemic racism

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Nicole Byer wrote a script for white parents to use when talking to their young kids about the Black Lives Matter movement

Keke Palmer urged National Guardsman to march with the protesters at a demonstration in Hollywood yesterday

John Boyega addressed protesters with a powerful speech in London

Brooklyn Nine-Nine's Stephanie Beatriz and The Tick's Griffin Newman have donated to the Community Justice Exchange and are urging other TV cops to do the same


Many are revisiting Pepsi's 2017 ad featuring Kendall Jenner at a protest as brands seek to respond to protests happening now in a different way

Snap CEO Evan Spiegel is calling for a reparations commission

A Facebook engineer has resigned over Mark Zuckerberg's handling of Trump posts

HelloFresh has dropped Lea Michele as their spokesperson after her Glee castmates have called out her problematic behavior 

Ben & Jerry's has called on Americans to help dismantle white supremacy in their statement on #BlackLivesMatter

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Ferguson, Missouri just elected Ella Jones, the city's first black mayor

More than 15,000 protesters demonstrated in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement in Paris

Protesters across the country continue to demonstrate demanding police reform

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