Mondays, amirite


Mondays, amirite

Holidays And Events
Chappelle's Show premiered 15 years ago
Heath Ledger died 10 years ago
John Wesley Shipp (63)
Mike Bossy (61)
Diane Lane (53)
DJ Jazzy Jeff (53)
Guy Fieri (50)
Beverley Mitchell (37)

Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri was the big winner at last night's SAG Awards, full winners list here 

Jessica Chastain hosted bleak SNL game show "What Even Matters Anymore" this weekend 


There will be a second royal wedding this year, Princess Eugenie just announced her engagement to her longtime boyfriend Jack Brooksbank 💍

Ed Sheeran is engaged to his girlfriend Cherry Seaborn 

Darren Criss also got engaged to his longtime girlfriend

The Kardashian-Jenner sisters are in a new Calvin Klein underwear ad and Kylie is strategically placed throughout in positions that hide her baby bump

Alison Brie addressed the allegations against her brother-in-law James Franco on the SAG red carpet

Aziz Ansari didn't attend last night's SAG Awards in the wake of the fall out from that Babe article 


This thread about how fake news spreads on Facebook using a trailer for a fake Friends reboot is SO troubling 

There is a woman in Florida who wants to marry Tetris [yes, Tetris the video game]

brb saving this to my desktop folder of reactions

We've all been here

These pups probably just want to be friends


The New England Patriots will defend their title in Super Bowl 52 against the Philadelphia Eagles

The New York Times printed the full transcript of Aly Raisman's incredible statement condemning the actions of Larry Nassy and USA Gymnastics 

  Business and Technology  

Amazon has increased the price of Prime for those paying monthly 

The Amazon Go grocery store opens in Seattle today 


The government is shut down 

Dan Rather is launching a new weekly news show on The Young Turks Youtube Channel [ed note: Great News predicted this but I can't believe how on the nose they were]



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