August 23, 2019: Let's Talk About Taylor Swift


Holidays & Events

Slavery Remembrance Day

Disney's D23 Expo begins today

The new season of 13 Reasons Why is streaming now

My So-Called Life's 25th anniversary is Sunday



River Phoenix

Barbara Eden (88)

Shelley Long (70)

Scott Caan (43)

Kobe Bryant (41)

Andrew Rannells (41)

Jeremy Lin (31)

Trixie Mattel (30)


This Disney/Thanos meme is too real

This Twitter/emo hair reveal has me like 🤯

This porcupine might be a better dancer than you


Missy Elliott has new music and a new video, "Throw It Back"

Taylor Swift dropped the "Lover" music video yesterday

Taylor Swift's new album Lover is out [ed note: I'm dying to talk about it, please talk to me about it]

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Christina Hendricks was the hand model on the American Beauty poster 🤯

Lindsay Lohan is making new music

Miley Cyrus broke her silence about her split from Liam Hemsworth

Miley Cyrus and Kaitlynn Carter sent Brody Jenner a bouquet of weed as a birthday gift

David Koch of the infamous Koch brothers has died at age 79


The CEO of Overstock resigned after comments about the "Deep State" and then stated that the FBI directed him to pursue a relationship with a Russian woman seeking to gain influence in Republican circles

Google Photos will now let you search for text within images

DoorDash has revealed its new tipping model

YouTube is discontinuing private messages

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Bernie Sanders just announced his version of the Green New Deal

Sports bras are on the rise

Forest fires are ravaging the Amazon rainforest right now

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-Lauren Wannermeyer

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