November 14, 2019: It's the freakin' pre-kend


Holidays & Events

World Diabetes Day

Pickle Appreciation Day 🥒

Jeopardy Tournament of Champions finals begin today



Claude Monet

Charles, Prince of Wales (71)

Yanni (66)

Condoleezza Rice (65)

Rev Run (55)

Josh Duhamel (47)

Chip Gaines (45)

Travis Barker (44)


I could watch Lego cooking videos all day 🍕 [ed note: this is the first time I've ever understood the appeal of ASMR]

Just a TikTok begging Gen X to save us

Do not try this TikTok at home

Chicken parm guys are a thing

People are sharing their accomplishments of the decade on Twitter

Hard to argue with this nomination for person of the decade

I'm extremely familiar with the concept of having a meltdown on a Long Island Railroad quiet car

Daily cuteness: this unicorn puppy


Reba McEntire performed her iconic song "Fancy" at last night's CMA Awards

Here's the full list of winners from last night's CMA Awards

Harry Styles' SNL promos have arrived

We have the first promo for Peter Weber's upcoming season of The Bachelor

Billie Eilish dropped a new track "everything i wanted"

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The internet is obsessed with Robert Pattinson and Jennifer Lopez's "Actors on Actors" [ed note: I'm obsessed with JLo calling him Bobby]

The sharks swam with Rihanna, get it right


Peloton is reportedly planning to launch a new treadmill and rowing machine

Facebook reportedly removed 3.2 billion fake accounts

Netflix and Nickelodeon have struck a deal to collaborate on new programming including a Spongebob spin-off

Pop-Tarts will air its first-eve Super Bowl commercial

Google is reportedly plotting their foray into banking with a project nicknamed Cache

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Have a good day - Lauren

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