"Next Week on Mythbusters"


"Next Week on Mythbusters"

Holidays And Events
National Pasta Day
The NBA season begins today 
Arthur Miller
Evel Knievel
George Wendt (69)
Richard Roeper (58)
Mike Judge (55)
Ziggy Marley (49)
Wyclef Jean (48)
Chris Kirkpatrick (46)
Eminem (45)
Felicity Jones (34)

Looks like there will be a new Nancy Drew TV series after all 

Riz Ahmed might be Netflix's Hamlet


Michael Fassbender and Alicia Vikander got married in secret 

Mayim Bialik wrote an op-ed about the Harvey Weinstein situation and got slammed on all sides for victim blaming

Kylie Jenner was mysteriously absent from a holiday picture Kris Jenner shared 


Read about the history of the Fruit Roll-Up

Poll: is Ariana Grande sitting on this stool? The internet is trying to figure it out

A stray dog crashed a wedding

  Business and Technology  

Today's Google Doodle honors Selena Quintanilla on the anniversary of the release of her debut album 

Google Photos will now recognize your pets 

People will soon be able to shop with Venmo wherever PayPal is accepted 


The Senate has confirmed Callista Gingrich as US Ambassador to the Vatican 



HaPPy Tuesday - Lauren Wannermeyer