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Creating a useful way to explore Google’s lesser-known products

With a diverse portfolio of products that many users never discover, we wanted to find a way to shed light on Google’s more specialized tools, like Sketch Up or Patent Search, alongside heavy-hitters like Maps and Gmail. Ultimately, we decided that it would be better to show rather than tell users about the products, making their value implicit. To that end, we created and developed several concepts, finally producing “What Do You Love?” – our first product in an ongoing partnership with Google Creative Lab.


“What Do You Love?” is a metasearch tool designed to help users utilize and explore the endless possibilities of Google. A user enters a query – something they really love – and the site returns results across Google’s array of products, displaying everything from blogs and trends, to YouTube videos and books.


“What Do You Love?” invites users to learn something new about their favorite things while interacting with Google’s broad range of services. It also adds some serendipity into the experience. When we gave it a run, we came across organized debates on dragons, double-hot-dog-bun patents, and alpaca groups to name a few. 3-D Justin Bieber models, anyone?

So go ahead, give it a shot and ask yourself: What Do You Love?

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