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Revolutionizing customer service

The BMW Genius App is the mobile component of the nationwide BMW Genius Everywhere program, which transforms the conventional customer service model and extends the relationship between drivers and the BMW Genius team.

Big Spaceship partnered with BMW of North America, LLC (“BMW NA”) to create a one-of-a-kind mobile-first web app that helps BMW owners get the most out of their vehicles and lets prospective buyers explore BMW’s model lineup, product features and functionalities. As many know, BMW is much more than the Ultimate Driving MachineTM—it’s a complete driving experience. Whether it’s a cross-country epic or a trip into town, that experience starts the moment we pick up the car keys.

Goals: Building with Purpose

Unifying the vision of the product focus was a challenge, especially because we wanted to offer users an experience that felt native, but had all the flexibility of web. The decision to create a web app over a native application let us cater to many devices with a single product that can transform quickly and seamlessly.


Our team worked closely with BMW NA to clarify and refine the project goals, narrowing down the target audience from owners, prospective buyers and BMW Genius employees to a focused tool for owners. Collaborating with the BMW NA team, conducting interviews with BMW Genius employees and gathering ideas helped us identify the core needs of our audience and develop a vision for a product that could be built in stages, delivering value upfront and transforming over time.

Product Strategy: Putting Education In the Driver’s Hand

From the nascent conversation with a prospective buyer through the ownership of a vehicle, BMW Geniuses are there to help owners feel confident about the extensive features available. BMW NA recognized that many of the initial functionality questions could be addressed through an informational tool, leaving room for BMW Geniuses to offer more value to customers through support, conversation and hands-on instruction.

Providing customers with an easy way to access information quickly at any time became the primary goal.

Throughout the BMW customer experience, the BMW Genius App evolves from a reference for technical questions to a platform for exploring details about BMW features, tailored to each user and their vehicle. This transformation influenced how we addressed everything from navigation structure to diagrammatic explanations of vehicle systems.



Process: Flexibility is Key

Creating the BMW Genius App was a unique learning opportunity for Big Spaceship. We challenged ourselves to work in an immersive, agile framework in which a representative from every discipline was a part of the discussion at every stage from pitch to development. A rapid iterative process helped us get from concept to user testing to refinement quickly. This process allowed us to push the visual design limits and create a unique product while being mindful of BMWs’ corporate visual identity standards.




At the center of this process was a fully functional prototype. Using the product for testing helped us see how each detail fit into the bigger picture of the app and demanded the skills of our internal technical team as well as their ability to work seamlessly with back-end partners.

Lifespan: A Product That’s Designed to Grow

How the BMW Genius App will adapt to evolving BMW NA business goals was at the forefront of our design process.

BMW has long been an innovative leader in the automotive industry. Our goal was to help BMW NA challenge convention and become just as innovative with their customer service.


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