Every interaction matters.

What do we mean by interaction?

We mean every way people experience your business, whether it’s the product, service, marketing or communications. Your brand isn’t what you say it is. What it is in their minds is what it is.

This philosophy guides everything we do.

How We Do It

Big Spaceship exists for brands with the ambition to lean into tomorrow, regardless of where they are in their evolution today. We're a true partner, whether we're increasing awareness of your existing products, building a ground-breaking new platform or joining both through social connectivity. Since 2000, we have produced innovative, successful products through our focus on collaboration, culture and behavior.

We are structured to collaborate closely with our clients. Through activities like hands-on design studios and product immersion, we learn your business and uncover new opportunities.

Unlike traditional agencies, we do not have rigid hierarchies. We also don’t have a creative department. Every discipline contributes, everyone has ideas and everyone has a voice.

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